Dancing Class, by H.M. Ehrlich

Dancing Class. What can we say? This little one = not very much. “Hey!” Seems like about it for now.

I’ll take up the vocabulary slack here. I like that this book rhymes. And it rhymes well. Each page contains a short stanza, think one or two sentences. As usual, it describes the action in the pictures. The pictures by Laura Rader are great for young kids because the white backgrounds and colorful animals stand out clearly.

I’m no dance teacher-heck, I’m not even a dance student, which every choreographer of every show I’ve ever been in will tell you save kindergarten tap- but it seems pretty accurate. At least it’s not vague like that dreadful pirate business. Not only are there golden flecks of detail about dance classes, such as new tights itch and pointing feet, but there are also a lot of lessons to be learned from dance. First of all, it’s fun. These kids-a piglets and lambs- are happy! When someone falls, “it’s no disgrace.” When someone gets hurts, they rest. And above all:, “Ballerinas always try.” I did not know this, but it really brings out the athleticism and commitment ballet takes in reality. It could also be pretty scary, from a fear of falling an injury to stage fright to being self conscious in a tutu. Ballet is hard, but ballerinas always try, so really we could all be ballerinas if only in spirit.

This book even had me wanting to dance, if I could afford that type of insurance.

Evangeline thought this book, too, had good taste. Something about those shinny paperbacks just fits her palette… This one is a repeated favorite. Short and funny to please her each time, plus cute piggy.

We can’t wait to give dance a try, clearly.

-Evy And Me.


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