I Like Pumpkins, by Jerry Smath

The very first discolored leaf has fallen, the stores are stocking, and pumpkin is ubiquitous. In honor of the Return of the Great Pumpkin Spice Everything, we start with a review of the above title.  No complaints here, mind you; so far, pumpkin baby food was a hit, so I take it Evy agrees there. Now, on to the book.

Just because a person likes pumpkins does not mean they will like I Like Pumpkins, so let’s not jump the gun. I -cough- we gave this book a chance without preconceived notions, and we read it twice.

First of all, the book has nice flow of rhyme and meter. Nothing makes me throw things faster than a misstep in meter or a slant rhyme that falls slat on it’s face. Don’t worry; Smath does not falter making reading this aloud fun and fast feeling. Furthermore, none of the points made on pumpkins are a bored stretch to fill pages and practically none of them were controversial, unless you’re a Puritan. The finale in particular, I won’t ruin, but I think most of us can agree is a solid win.

The illustrations are full, dynamic, and appropriate. There is a lot of orange, but nothing too bright. The main character, a unnamed dark-haired and light-skinned girl, could be considered rather ‘basic’ given her love of all things pumpkin, but again, no hate here. I don’t think the book is feminine at all despite it having a female protagonist (unless one argues the pumpkin is the real protagonist) as hardly anything is pink, so dive right in with boys too without fear of gender contamination, however that works.

As an added bonus, this Scholastic addition came with several pumpkin themed exercises for kids a bit older than Evy. I liked them. You could always make photocopies for a small fall party.

Being a person of taste, as you can see, my co-reviewer really commited here. Not only did the paper meet her edible standards, she was very excited during both readings and all smiles afterwards.

Specail notes from Evy: gn.//ko, mkp


Whatever that means.


I definitely like I Like Pumpkins by Jerry Smath.

-Evy And Me.



Get it here: https://www.amazon.com/I-Like-Pumpkins-Jerry-Smath/dp/0439521106/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1473294322&sr=1-1&keywords=i+like+pumpkins


And don’t forget to recommend a book for review in the comments!


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