Five Little Honey Bees, by James Croft

First off, YOU CAN TOUCH THE BEES. Evy liked this feature.


This is a small, light, and that fantastic durable cardboard, meaning you can take it anywhere. OR you can make an infant library! Wooden magazine racks are a dime a dozen and baby level; pick one up and fill it with hard mini books. Sit it on the floor and enjoy a mini library. Craft fun.

Onto the book. Today we thought we’d take time to appreciate bees, in light of all the terrible news of bees dying. (Here’s one of many examples:

Do you ever look at animals we grew up seeing and think: this may sound completely made up by the time these kids are grown? All of them could be gone: rhinos, honey bees, polar bears, etc. It’s happened before, and I personally can’t bear the thought of this book becoming the equivalent of Five Giant Wooly Mammoths. If you’re concerned about real honey bees, and real honey, sounding like a thing of legend, you can do something about it. Sign a petition. Conservation works. It has saved whales, eagles, condors, alligators, and pandas faced with extinction.

More information here:

And here’s a petition for the EPA to ban the pesticides the UN already has which decimate bee population, endangering our food supply:

So today, B is for Bees!


The other good thing about this book is it covers two subjects at once. To begin with, you’ve got a book with bright colors and, of course, short rhymes. In addition, it’s an exercise in counting backwards from five. (See what I did there?) Great lesson. It’s never to young to start reading or counting.  No math haters here. Evy enjoys counting games and songs.

In conclusion, it’s a perfect book for any little ones, with things to hear, see, touch, and taste, introducing math, nature, and language early on!


-Evy And Me.




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