Peek-A-Boo Alaska, By Bernd and Susan Richter

Another board book for ages 0-4, it suggests. It’s a peek-a-boo book with flaps, which is prime for ages 4-6 months as before that they probably won’t understand it or like two dimensional objects. Remember, even then they enjoy reading voices! Evy is tad older and can open these flaps herself. Some books with flaps don’t hold up to tiny fist pulling, which, as you know, pack a punch. These are strong and the board can take some good, double tooth munching too.

two teeth.jpg

Aside from the front cover pictured on the blog thumbnail, there are five double page spread illustrations with easy to lift flaps. For something so simple, it’s surprisingly not boring, and for such simple illustrations they somehow capture the elegant landscape of wild Alaska.

If you have thing for Alaska, like I do, or nature and wildlife, this book is perfect.

If you don’t have a thing for Alaska I don’t know what’s wrong with you, but you should see someone. No, it’s not all white pages; Alaska is not all snow and igloos. Actually, it is nearly three times the size of Texas and quite varied, especially in the islands where the temperature is kept somewhat mild due to being surrounded by water.

This books gives a pretty good peek at Alaska, though perhaps there aren’t enough crows or ravens and technically an orca is not a whale, but really, who minds all that?

Evy’s take was: this is a great book for anyone who finds porcupines as hilarious as she does. I mean PORCUPINES! A riot, apparently.

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-Evy And Me.


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