It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, by Charles Schulz

The classic family Halloween movie has been turned into a board book. This choice is a bit confusing as it also comes with reusable stickers. Each two page spread has a sticker activity the text prompts, so those parts don’t make sense without using the stickers. Cool, but only appropriate for ages three and up, but board books are great for tiny ones that chew and cannot handle tear able pages. So like, who is this for?

Also the written parts, while simple sentences, are long to read to small children, about 50 words or so or a paragraph of five sentences per page. Better read fast.

On the one hand, it is the movie as it summarizes what happens and even includes a direct quote, but, on the other hand, summarizing a movie in five pictures doesn’t provide much plot, even for little ones. Where is the suspense and controversy surrounding the great pumpkin? No show like the pumpkin itself.

If it was fair to subtract points for not getting to hear the Peanuts theme, I would.

The illustrations are the ones you love, but will lots of color instead of white backgrounds. This is the greatest pro, along with the classic characters.

Toddlers may be the age group for this with its durable nature, compact size, great illustrations, few pages, and interactive quality. It’s still long to read, and yet feels short, though.

Evy had no interest in it apart from teething purposes, which was sad since snoopy is an important family tradition. You can see it comes in a distant second to a real, live pumpkin and second even to trying to eat hay (not pictured).

It’s the Great Disappointment, Charlie Brown.

-Evy And Me.




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