Corduroy’s Best Halloween Ever

We all remember Corduroy. I am told I used to request it constantly myself, and I can still remember the thrill of getting my own copy of Corduroy. There is something about this bear that kids just love. Evy tried talking to the pictures and touching them, which is odd for her age group. Scientific conclusion: that bear is just irresistibly cute!

There have been several Corduroy sequels, each of varying quality. This one is top notch. It’s based on the character by Don Freedman and illustrated by Lisa McCue, but it’s pretty unclear who came up with this plot.

Beautifully illustrated, Corduroy’s Best Halloween Ever begins in a pumpkin patch, a great place to start fall festivities. He continues through autumn traditions culminating in Halloween. He throws a party and goes trick-or-treating with his adorable stuffed animal friends. However, there is a wardrobe/costume emergency, which is relatable and will happen to you eventually if you or your kids dress up as often as you should.

Not only is the plot resolved, but Corduroy hits another dilema, this time a moral one. Here’s the thing, throughout the book Corduroy thinks of other people, or other stuffed animals, not stealing their costume ideas, considering their feelings. In the end, he does something super thoughtful and his perfect holiday is saved rather than ruined. It really is his best Halloween ever; which brings me to another point: this book delivers. It says it’s going to be about this bear’s very best Halloween, and that’s exactly what it is. No sneaky twist, no subtle or deep depression like The Fox and the Hound.

I loved this book because it was short, had a plot, beautiful illustrations and it made me nostalgic. Evy loved the character and pictures and it was the perfect length for her to sit through. Older children can appreciate the story and learn from it. Corduroy teaches, subtly and thoroughly, the value of enterprise and consideration of others, something young children have to be made aware of at every opportunity.

You won’t just feel good while reading it; you’ll feel good about reading it.

Corduroy’s Best Halloween Ever is exactly as it purports.

-Evy And Me.




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