Ten Timid Ghosts, by Jennifer O’Connell

So ever since we were little we’ve heard a dozen rhymes adding and counting backwards; from marching ants to houses built by Jack, we know the rhythm. And if you’re up for that rhythm, this book is the place to be.

As for rhyme, I’m a stickler for meter. While a lot of the rhymes are predictable in this book, the meter is not broken- no awkward bits to read and stumble. It also makes it fast and easy to get through, and fun if you like rhyme. Evy enjoyed it, indicated by lots of yelling, almost as much as she loved the BOO! (Scary is suddenly fun).

The plot- yes, there is one- is actually pretty awesome. It’s against bullying. In this story, the witch is the bully who kicks the ghosts out of their house, then they realize it and stand up to her together.

And, there’s math. The book counts backwards, adding a little suspense. Okay, it’s very little but it’s there.

This makes this book a triple threat: language education, math, and character. Ten Timid Ghosts: even the tiles says math and vocabulary for the win! As for the pictures, it took me a few reads to catch on to the hidden bit of the plot, so keep your eyes peeled.

This is one of my new favorites, and certainly one Evy has not grown tired of.

-Evy And Me.


Happy Halloween!!




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