An Outlaw Thanksgiving, by Emily Arnold McCully

If you were afraid there wasn’t a children’s book for Thanksgiving, fear no more.

It’s an underrated holiday. It’s about gratitude, which increases happiness. It’s about the people we’re closest to.  It’s got all the food, but you don’t have to buy gifts. A day off in the middle of the week, which usually grants a Friday off as well. Shopping. Trees. Holiday suspense and fall leaves. So whether you enjoyed a turducken or a tofu turkey, we can all agree, reading is good for kids and the wild west is the absolute best place to imagine being without actually being.

If you deep fried or if you smoked, you can wait for your annual gorging to begin with a few seconds of parade day reading An Outlaw Thanksgiving, a title that also describes some of our actual Thanksgivings if certain family members show up, but I digress.

Evy is blissfully unaware of the politics, the hours of cooking, just as she’s oblivious to the plot of this book.

It’s a longer one, with actual characters that get developed. Kids end up spending Thanksgiving with Jesse James, which, frankly doesn’t sound so bad. The last page even includes a one page historical profile on the era. Remember, when westward expansion began there were millions of people and millions of buffalo. Within eighty years, the face of the world would change. It was a time where old world and wilderness met huge technological advancements; its uniqueness makes it the focus of so much sentimental literature, and these illustrations, like painting, capture that feel in the colors and action.

Evy liked this almost as much as she liked potatoes at Thanksgiving dinner- okay maybe not that much, but at least as much as deviled eggs filling.


So as we say at home, have a Happy Turkey Thank You Day with…




-Evy and Me.


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