Toca Y Aprende Perrito

Last month we tackled the burning question: is it ever to early to be introduced to Poe? The answer we found was no.

Now we ask: Is it ever to early to introduce another language? No! (That was in Spanish; translation: no.) It’s not, and since I like many want my kid to be trilingual at least, I picked up a few children’s books in Spanish. I am reviewing this one first because it is her favorite and to honor Love Your Pet Day yesterday.

(Clifford’s Compleanos is too long winded for her. Big Red Dog?  Try big long sentences. And as for the cardboard one about the bebe, well, what about the bebe? She’s not impressed. She doesn’t engage with the text, you know?)

This one is another story altogether, both literally and figuratively, because if there is anything more exciting than petting a dog please stop me right now. This book contains actual photos of puppies on each page. PRO.

It’s in Spanish. PRO. Worried you won’t know what’s going on because your Spanish is – cough, cough – rusty? This bilingual book by DK publishing has everything in both languages.


Each page has the puppies doing something different and on each page part of the picture is actually sensory! The child can take the small, wooden book in their hands and feel the dog fur, the rubbery ball, and more. Something different with each page.  PRO.


But wait, they don’t stop there. What’s the book about? Puppies? Just narrating what they are doing? Nope. It’s telling them how to safely and respectfully interact with animals! If you are an animal lover, you probably know that most dog bites are children hurting and startling animals and can be avoided if we teach our little ones early that pulling, biting, and pinching are totally of limits for anything that has it’s own skin.

Trust me, this book could not have come at a better time. Not only does Evy enjoy turning pages and touching textures and pointing to doggies, but she is slowly understanding that she cannot pick up the maltese by her fur no matter how excited she is to be getting kisses.

The con to this book? You read it and tell me. Or share with us your favorite children’s book in Spanish! Bonus points for the cutest baby and pet pairing! Here’s a link to the book featured today, which you can order right now with just three clicks for just 1.99 at×4449.

-Evy and Me.



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