Dr. Seuss’s Short Story Collection 2 on Kindle

Right now, Dr. Seuss Collection #2 is just one of several Dr. Seuss storybooks available “Actually Free” in Kindle Underground.  This icon appears on a Kindle screen and opens to several options: read along, auto play, and read to me. Touching the images, that turn with appearance and sounds of real pages, produces interesting, interactive results.

Boy that Cat with the Hat is bad! This was a well timed find as we are working on putting our toys away and not making extra messes. She was pretty outraged at him ruining mom’s dress! Lol.

Little Critter (not a great role model but she thinks he’s funny) and Berenstain Bears (a bit long winded for me) books are also available for free in this shop.

Kindle fire itself is just $50. It can surf the web, use apps like Pinterest and Facebook, all the tool functions of a phone, front and back camera with video, supports many games and videos and holds an entire library. There is also a kid option that is crack proof guaranteed!

We are not supporters of electronic gadgets or too much screen time for tiny ones, but for a restless child, a screen reading can be an engaging experience and something to mix it up. Downloading them was a guilt-free life-saver on our recent flights!

This is the second of a set of unconventional reading ideas to get you reading more with and to your little ones. The first post on this was reading chapter books, even to infants. Check the Blog post The Secret Garden for more how this option is not just okay, it might actually be better for your smallest children!

Evy prefers hardback books – doesn’t seem to realize at first this is a book- but in a sticky situation that involves waiting in an office or in long, cramped transportation, she suddenly find this acceptable, sometimes even mesmerizing. Or, if my hands are full another voice reading aloud to her checks to boxes at once: survive the moment, check; more reading exposure for child, check. It’s a win-win!

cat in hat.png

Check out Dr. Seuss and more now FREE on Kindle. It’s another way to read.

-Evy and Me.


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