Ten Ways Audiobooks Save Lives

1. I first found audiobooks on a blog about how to get through long car rides with little ones. Audiobooks can be a godsend for long car rides, which Evy hates, reducing the dangers of being distracted by screaming.


2. They can also be played from youtube, along with episodes of Reading Rainbow. We tried out Storyline Online youtube channel, sponsored the by the Screen Actor’s Guild Foundation. This video is the remarkable Betty White reading Harry the Dirty Dog. Devices like xbox and roku can put this on your tv. Need the peace of screen time, but know reading to them is better for them? Here’s a possible compromise that could give you a minute to check if you left the stove on!

Here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7j0OY3236jw 

3. As we featured in the last episode, Kindle has a Read to Me option with free ebooks for kids. The local library also offers access to their collection of ebook downloads through an app that can go on kindle. Free books available instantly include audio options. Wiggling in a store or waiting room? In a few clicks, you can have Matilda being read by Kate Winslet, shutting up those judge-y onlookers. Now no one needs a carrot to the eye.

4. Have you ever had the unfortunate experience of using a word you’ve only read 100 times and said it WRONG?! Avoid your child’s future mortification while introducing more advanced vocabulary with audiobooks.

5. Kids can keep playing. There isn’t a need to sit still and silent for story time. Let a chapter book play while they play along with their imaginations. This option is great for kids who have trouble staying put or focused on one thing as well as those who struggle verbally.

6. Whether it’s nap time or break time, the gentle background noise of someone reading can have a soothing effect on the home, even if no one is listening to it. To me, it’s a lot better than dead silence where you can hear every peep or flashy, loud cartoons.

7. Reading along with audiobooks can help children read better, and can be done even when you’ve lost your voice, sight, etc. Kids who struggle with reading can have some easy tutoring by following along with a book and audiobook. It’s a hands off way to help students read better.

8. Trying to hold a book is hard when you have dishes or dogs or a toddler or all of the above on your hands, I know. Dying to read that new bestseller? Play it while you tick off your to do list. Self care makes you a better parent and sets a great example for your kids who tend to do what you do more than what you say but don’t model.

9. Worried you won’t get the same out of listening as reading? Actually, you can get more especially if you have read the book before, studies show. The pace audiobooks allow can also speed up. Don’t forget, their are audio books on languages and real life skills too! The more you know…

10. Audiobooks are free on CD at your local library. Let’s face it, we’re not made of money. (If you are made of money: why are you here reading blogs?! Why aren’t you in Greece? Are you on your way to Greece?) Anyway, fellow American, if you save money at the library maybe you’ll be able to afford basic healthcare. We love the library.


Happy Listening!

-Evy and Me.




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