16 Places to Find Books on the Cheap

Want to read more, but tired of seeing the prices of a few pages? Here are some of my favorite places to get books for a few bucks or FREE.


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  1. Most stores, actually. From home goods places, to department stores, to grocery stores and value stores, you can find books, occasionally on sale.
  2. Chain Book Stores Clearance. These places have clearance items too, especially for kids. Bookstore gift cards are also a super fun kid gift- never too young or too old to find something of interest, and they also sell games, puzzles, fandom merchandise, planners, candy, legos – pretty much everything.
  3. Local Book Shops – Why go here? They carry things you won’t find elsewhere, that’s why! You never know when a local writer might drop in for a signing or if there’s a fun book club. Plus, they are often affordable and many even have a book swap area.
  4. Second Hand Bookstores. I’m a sucker for 2nd and Charles. A huge, well organized store of second hand books in excellent shape, this company is based off Barnes and Noble. They also have vintage games, albums, and fun novelty items. This is one of my favorite places in the world.
  5. Thrift Stores – This is also a great place to drop off your duplicates and unread. Books here are often a dollar or less.
  6. Consignment Stores – This is different from thrift stores because they are more particular about the condition of the item and keeping a balanced stock. Our local consignment spots have everything from nice clothes, to furniture, to even books, sometimes bundles of books. We even get kids books from a kids consignment store when we drop in, Once Upon a Child.
  7. The Library – Do not underestimate how great libraries can be, from free books, to free programs, to free movies and games, to games and activities there, the library is a sanity saver and endless resource. Oh, and they have books, which occasionally the sell at special prices.
  8. Special Usborne Parties and Scholastic Magazines – Some books are available through specific means only, and they can make ordering what you what and having it delivered irresistibly convenient. There are deals and you can support your friends as you do it.
  9. Book Fairs – Libraries and schools usually have a book fair annually. Sets are a good investment.
  10. The Internet. Here are some great books to get on Amazon now for $10 or under. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in your local bookstore, check their website or others. The book is out there!
  11. Birthday parties! Whether you want to ask all guests to bring a book for the birthday child OR ask all guests to bring a book for a book swap so every one goes home with a new book, or pick up a few books to give out as party favors, books are an easy way to go gift wise that isn’t going to make noise and messes.
  12. Neighbors. People on your street, at your place of worship, etc. probably have a box of books they want to toss out or send to a good home. Check garage sales or just put out an ISO online and you’ll be buried in books in no time.
  13. Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. Originally from a poor, rural area, country music star Dolly Parton is concerned about literacy and the power it gives people, especially when exposed early. If you are in an area her nonprofit covers, all you have to do is sign up and your child can get a free book every month! No special requirements, just sign up. That’s it!
  14. Your doctor and other unexpected places. Our doctor’s office gives out books at each well visit to make sure every child has them at home. Evy LOVES this prize. Health and education professionals are often giving out books on mental and physical health or just books in general because they know how important early reading is.
  15. Nonprofits. I work with an educational nonprofit and we give out books in a needy county. Still, there are kids in these struggling rural areas who have never seen one when they begin kindergarten, don’t understand how to turn pages. If you have more books than you know what to do with, donating them really can change lives.
  16. Kindle Underground. If you have a Kindle fire, one of the most affordable tablets on the market and one with a toddler unbreakable option, you probably know Kindle Underground includes completely free products including many books from popular authors and series.

Now, go get a book!

-Evy and Me.


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