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Like approximately half the internet, I am a writer and a mom. Like a tiny portion of the internet, Evy is a baby.

We pass time doing what I do best: reading. She’s better at rolling over than reading, but she’s new, so give her a break. She’s a top notch listener. Lately, we’ve been reading a lot of baby books, for obvious reasons.

It has become sadly apparent to me that some of them are absolute garbage; some are highly underrated literature. Now, I am not saying it’s easy to pen something accessible to all ages and of literary merit in just a few words, but if people are going to have to read these things hundreds of times, they should know which ones to avoid and which ones not to miss.

That has become my new mission.  (Other blogs by me on this site include an original fiction work about book hopping- or entering your favorite fiction- and a legal analysis of the popular Making a Murderer. There are currently no blogs by Evy.)

Keep in mind, these reviews are written for an adult audience.

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